Murder Mystery Comedy Event - totally interactive through out the entire cruise DO NOT MISS IT!!

Murder Mystery on the High Seas  

Royal Caribbean International has joined with Maverick Productions and Platts Travels for a 5-day cruise to Bermuda with a Murder Mystery Event on Grandeur of the Seas  on 10/24/2020.  

This event is tailored so that you can enjoy all the activities on board the ship and in Bermuda while enjoying this interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Event during your cruise. There will be something happening every day but it will not interfere with your other events or your time in Bermuda.

Daily Schedule of Events

Day 1 Embark Leaving Baltimore October 24th 

1. 12-3 pm - Welcome to the Game.  After you board, stop by our table at the Hospitality Desk on Deck 6 from Centrum Port.  We will welcome you with a gift bag and provide information on the event.

2. 5-6:30 pm Meet and Greet with Explanation of Game Rules.  You will meet the detective and his staff and be introduced to the game rules.  There will be mingling, fun activities and maybe a surprise guest.

3. You are all welcomed to join other guests and actors for dinner if you would like to interact and gather more information

Day 2  October 25th  At Sea

3- 4:30 pm The Game is on - Act 1. The Murder Mystery event begins! The suspects will be introduced, and the Murder is committed. The detective will lead the group through the first part of the investigation.

If you like join us for dinner and take advantage of this opportunity together to interact with each other and the actors. This is an opportunity to gather more information and evidence through one on one interaction with the cast. (optional)

Day 3  October 26th  Bermuda  overnight disembark 2:30 pm

12-2 pm.  Before you disembark for Bermuda, actors will be available in a conference room to answer questions and for you to gather clues. Physical evidence will be available for your inspection. 

Stop by and visit with the suspects for a little private interrogation and maybe get that tidbit of information that will help you to solve the crime and win the game. 

This time is set aside to allow you to ask questions, collect evidence like, maybe a few handwriting samples.

The rest of your time in Bermuda is yours to enjoy. Don’t worry about the crime while we are in port. Nothing will happen until we are all together again.

Day 4 October 27th Bermuda 2:30 pm embark

1. 4-5:30 pm Act 2 Your detective will share Autopsy results, information updates, and any new evidence. The detective will lead you through the second half of the investigation which may have some unexpected twists and turns. Detective Maverick will wrap up his investigation and then we hand the case over to you.

2. You are invited for dinner together to interact with other guests and the actors for any last-minute questions you may have (optional)

3. 9:30-10 pm Hospitality Desk Deck 6 Centrum Port to turn in your results or if you have a show or other plans just leave them at the Maverick stateroom.

Day 5  October 28th  At Sea.

1. 3-4:30 PM Join us for the Tanya and Tucker’s wedding celebration and cocktail party reception where the crime will be solved, the winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded to our top sleuths. 

2. We invite you to join your fellow detectives and the cast for our final dinner together (optional)

Nightly summaries of the day’s events and evidence along with reminders of the next days gatherings will be left at the guests’ staterooms. 

Pay close attention, your update may contain a suggestion or a clue that could help you solve the crime!

Cost for Staterooms and All Event Activities and How to Book


PRICES for staterooms and 5 Day interactive Mystery Event


So now you want to find out the cost for this event – So here it is. 

There are a limited number of cabins available at this price which includes.

Stateroom for 2  persons with all meals (with non alcoholic beverages) Alcoholic Beverage Packages can be purchased

Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Event throughout the cruise, with a final celebration and  cocktail party.

$50 on board credit  per stateroom for deposits prior to April 24, 2020

Refundable payments  and deposits when booking with this group

All the other wonderful events and entertainment on the cruise

Oceanview Stateroom - for 2 persons $1,767.24. Deposit $500 - final payment 7/26/20

Interior Stateroom - for 2 persons $1,487.24. Deposit $500 - final payment 7/26/20

Alcoholic Beverage Package $348.10 per person

For more information or to book your cruise  - contact 

Platts Travels at 

or call 916-612-5162

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Wonderful place to spend your before and after cruise stay. Experience Old Town and a haunted hotel and restaurant.

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This restaurant and bar sits on the beach and it is close to downtown. The staff are friendly so we always come back for the experience.



If you have never seen an Hawaiian Sunset,  it is something that you want to experience. 

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Native artwork by the ocean

Royal Gardens Madrid


Spain is an incredible place to spend a vacation. This couple is having fun while exploring the beautiful gardens.

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Want to know what this is ?  - 

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Luxury Hotel Cabo San Lucas


All Inclusive hotel close to downtown Cabo where all the fun is and you will meet all the wonderful local folks. 

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We will ensure that your vacation whether couple, group or family is LGBT friendly and meets all your desires. 


Many volunters


It takes so many volunteers to make a successful event.  There were so many folks to help

Sacramento Stand Down Association Committee

These folks are the most dedicated that we have ever seen - we are truly impressed!!!

These folks are the most dedicated that we have ever seen - we are truly impressed!!!  They work hard for the cause they believe in.

Golfers enjoying the day

Golfers enjoy the day

Fun Day for all the participants who were provided both breakfast snack items and lunch.

First Place Winners

Winners First Place

Congratulations to the first place winners of the tournament; A Happy team to claim first place in the tournament with an incredible score!  

Lucky Winner


Winner of a 5 night vacation at a Club Med all inclusive resort.  He was very excited.

High Bidders

Winners of Saddle Creek foursome with meals

Winners of Saddle Creek Resort foursome, carts and meals included.

The Watson's Honeymoon in Scotland

18th Hole - "Home of Golf"


St Andrews Links - Old Course over 600 years  - A must see and place to Golf. One of  7  incredible courses - all very different. 

Famous Bridge


St Andrews Links - Old Course. Swiekan Bridge.  We are enjoying this so much!!!

Tug of War


St. Andrews Highland Games - really exciting to watch.

Saint Andrews Hotel View


Our stay in St. Andrews was just wonderful and our hotel was terrific - What a view.



Fun different way to camp near Loch Ness. We will  try this on our next trip to Scotland.

Incredible Castle


Urquhart-Drumnadrochit Castle.   Experience a glimpse of the medieval life and stunning views over Loch Ness.     

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